Boys' Clothing

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For important events, we dress your boys from 3 to 16 years old.

We offer a wide range of clothing to help you make your choice. Materials, colours, shapes, we are here to help you in your selection of boy costume, do not hesitate to come to our shop in Renens, Lausanne.

We have boy suits for all types of occasions:

  • Baptism Boy Costume
  • Communion Boy Costume
  • Confirmation Boy Costume
  • Birthday Boy Costume
  • Holiday Boy Costume
  • Boy costumes for all types of events
  • Boy costumes for special occasions
  • Costume Garçon pour un Mariage
  • Or give a gift to your little prince
  • And even children's clothes from 0 to 3 months old (for example, for hospital discharges)

If you wish, we can also offer you boys' clothing to match your outfits for your wedding. Whether you want their outfits to match your wedding theme or your witnesses' outfits, you will find everything you need in our shop.